Grand Slam Journey

36. Mark Reifkind: Balancing Quality and Quantity - Training Strategies & Importance of Recovery︱Part 2 of 2

May 23, 2023 Season 2
Grand Slam Journey
36. Mark Reifkind: Balancing Quality and Quantity - Training Strategies & Importance of Recovery︱Part 2 of 2
Show Notes

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Training, competing, and obsession with movement have been Mark's passions for 50 years. Gymnastics taught him a love of pure movement and an appreciation for what the human body can do. Endurance training taught him to breathe and keep going, no matter what. Strength training and powerlifting taught him focus, power, and intent. Now back full circle with kettlebells and the weightlessness of gymnastics. Coaching and teaching have always been as natural to Mark as breathing. He loves to help others experience the joy of strong movement and physical courage.

This is the second part of our conversation, where Mark and I explore topics around navigating health and fitness as we age. Mark answers my questions and things I have been personally struggling with that I wanted Mark's guidance and perspective on.

We cover:
🌱 The importance of recovery and how to think about recovery as we age - as athletes and humans in general
🌞 The power of routines, routine & efficiency, Mark's morning routine
✨ How to think about Quality and Quantity of training as we age
🧓👵 Exercise, Longevity, and Blue Zones
🤯 Stress and longevity
😫 Handling pain - good pain vs. bad pain
🎈Appreciation of nothingness, building yourself up,  letting things go
🔥 Are you willing to pay the price needed for what you want to accomplish
❌ Saying No, giving ourselves the permission to do what we know is right
🎯 Discipline of elite athletes
📌 Approach to coaching and sustaining clients for over 20+ years
💡 The importance of mindset
🆕 Tips on how to increase general fitness - how and where to start?
🔄 Consistency

🔗Go to this article to download a free Body Maintenance ebook by Mark Reifkind.

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