Grand Slam Journey

32. Coffee with Anna & Dana: The Gift of Mortality - how to live fully

April 26, 2023 Season 2
Grand Slam Journey
32. Coffee with Anna & Dana: The Gift of Mortality - how to live fully
Show Notes

Before you listen to this episode, I highly suggest watching this TED Talk first.

Dana Jaber Diab is an Information and Communications Technology Business Leader with an unquenchable curiosity for all things tech, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Anna-Maria Moonen has had various leadership roles in the Information Technology and Telco services industry. She thrives in environments that enable innovative thinking with a focus on growing the most important asset of the company – the people.

This episode plays with the idea of what we would do if we were diagnosed with an untreatable illness and had to face our mortality:

  • What would you change?
  • What would you stop doing? 
  • What would you create time for?
  • Who would you spend more time with? 
  • How would you enjoy the present moment?
  • What is preventing you from starting all this now? 
  • We use this conversation setting as an opportunity to slow down and reflect, explore our regrets and how we think about past decisions that, from hindsight, may not have been the best, prioritizing and saying NO, creating time for inspiration, how we recharge, and fun vacation plans

Mentions in this podcast:

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