Grand Slam Journey

26. Sarah Brummitt: Leadership in Action, How Authenticity and Presence Drive Relationship Building

March 07, 2023 Season 2
Grand Slam Journey
26. Sarah Brummitt: Leadership in Action, How Authenticity and Presence Drive Relationship Building
Show Notes

Sarah Brummitt is an Executive coach, leadership development facilitator, award-winning Personal Branding expert, sought-after keynote speaker, and published author of 3 books in the areas of personal branding,  executive, and remote presence. Sarah worked with over 15,000 professionals across more than 30 countries. Sarah started her own business in 2005 and has more than 25 years of experience working with clients in a variety of ways, including 1:1 coaching, organizing leadership development workshops, and teaming up with a global team of faculty around the world to support and deliver her content in the local language. Sarah's expertise is leadership, coaching high-impact communication, storytelling, and persuasion.

Sarah's belief is that as our career evolves, the critical skills to develop are those of exquisite influence. In a fast-paced, digitally disruptive, attention-deficit economy, these skills are the critical differentiator to professional growth and success in business today.

We discuss: 

  • Sarah's path to finding her passion for Learning, Development, and Executive Coaching
  • Leadership, authenticity, executive presence, creating and strengthening relationships, building authentic connections and friendships
  • Presence: what's the best version of the real you
  • Strengths: focusing on what you are great at
  • Strategies for growing strategic alliances and why we should invest the time and energy into them
  • Measuring satisfaction and the regular practice of reflection

Sarah's books

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