Grand Slam Journey

17. Sandy Farquharson: Founder of The Padel School and world-renowned padel expert, a journey from tennis to padel

January 03, 2023 Season 2
Grand Slam Journey
17. Sandy Farquharson: Founder of The Padel School and world-renowned padel expert, a journey from tennis to padel
Show Notes

Sandy Farquharson is the Founder of The Padel School and the Host of The Padel School Podcast. He has over a decade of professional padel coaching experience. He is currently one of the LTA's lead coach educators and is responsible for designing and delivering the LTA's padel coach education program. To date, he has trained 100+ padel coaches across the world. Alongside his coaching experience and expertise, he plays on the GB national men's team and is also the team coach.
An entrepreneur at heart, Sandy is driven by his desire to grow the game of padel across the globe and to provide everyone with access to high-quality padel training advice.
Sandy is also my former tennis teammate. Sandy and I overlapped during my first year competing for a D1 tennis team at the University of Texas at Arlington.

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YouTube: @ThePadelSchool
LinkedIn: Sandy Farquharson
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We discuss: 

  • Sandy's athletic background, his experience playing many different sports, and  reasons he focused on tennis
  • Sandy's college selection and collegiate tennis journey, including the challenges he faced
  • His attempt to continue playing on the ATP tour while gaining his education as a Master of Sports Science focusing on Human Performance
  • What it takes to be a great tennis player and some differences between the ATP and WTA tour, including mindset and the support that a coach provides
  • And then last but not least, we talk about padel. We discuss Sandy's transition to the sport and why he enjoys it, including some tips on how to transition from Tennis to Padel and why he believes it is a great sport that is rapidly expanding and will continue to grow at

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